Professional Design Renderings by Sanders Bryant

From Artist Sanders Bryant:

I was raised mostly in Detroit's "Black Bottom" eastside neighborhood.  Currently, I live and work in Downtown Detroit doing TV production, which I've done for over 15 yrs.

I come from a creative family.  My mother is an artist, my father a photographer, audio-visual and electronics instructor.  My talent was raw and natural, and never hadn't had any formal training until entering advanced college courses at Wayne State University, then the Center for Creative Studies Industrial Design Program.

I never wanted to be an artist, and still struggle with engaging it fully...but I can't deny it being a true gift I've been given, and have been commissioned non-stop since high school.

I've worked on a vast array of creative projects's a bio timeline of my endeavors so far:

Growing up building model cars, airplanes, boats and also "Erector Sets". I loved painting and collecting army men and football figures.  I had a vivid imagination and wanted to be a soldier growing up, so I loved army movies and drawing from them.

14 yrs. old
Hip-Hop became the major influence of my style.  Me and my brother (1yr younger) started DJing, break dancing and creating grafftti style art, with characters, etc.  We got really good fast, and became well known for our Skillz.

15 yrs. old 

I entered Golightly Technical Center's Mass Media Program where I fell in love with Audio & Video Production.  I worked with my father video taping and DJing weddings he photographed.  My father brought home a Commodore computer, and by 1988 we had an Amiga and were being paid to do computer graphics.

17 yrs. old
Already a professional DJ with a studio record "on wax", a computer graphic artist, and video father bought an airbrush for us to try, and I started airbrushing denim outfits, backdrops, cars and motorcycles.

18 yrs old
Working as a freelancer at Barden Cable; although being technically advanced with more skills than other established producers, I couldn't get hired at the few Detroit TV stations or recording studio's.  Airbrushing was now getting "hotter than July" and my style was in high demand, so my airbrush heated up!

23 yrs. old
After "Rollin'" living the fast life hustlin' and having the hottest airbrush style in Detroit, I became a "KINGPIN" at Kingpin Airbrushing with some of the best group of urban artist in the country.  We started customizing new and classic cars, motorcycles, backdrops, and clothes for clients from the city, celebs, businesses and corporate clients.  Every year we traveled to the hottest spots in the country and were always a premier attraction...winning best vendor awards at the biggest expos and festivals in the country.

My daughter was born and my grandmother died late that same year. 

28 yrs. old

Newly wed, I married my high school sweetheart.  Just before our wedding, I was flown out to Beverly Hills and stayed there a month or more designing a cartoon series for Grammy winning songwriter Ray Barnes.

Needing a steady job, I started working at a local sign shop in Detroit.  I meet Keith Jackson of Deep Drama Design where we created stage set designs and scenic art and interior designs together for the next 10 yrs..  I also toured the country with stageplay's I worked on, designing sets, logo's, posters and providing creative direction for many Producer/Writers/Directors such as Tyler Perry, David E. Talbert, Judge Greg Mathis, Ron Milner (RIP), Michael Baisden, Shelly Garrett, Latteras Whitfield to name a few.

31 yrs. old

Returned to TV production after touring country with stage plays, working on Comcast local production crew, editing and creating graphic packages.

32 yrs. old

Hired by City of Detroit to produce, direct and edit programs for broadcasting on Channel 10 in Detroit.  Working closely with Detroit's last four mayor's, creating original shows, PSA's, promo's and covering events in the city.

34 yrs. old

Designed a hot clothing line called "The Blu Collection" with owner Ericka Davis-Cromer which helped launch me into photography and make-up working with Detroit's best models.

40 yrs. old

Moved to Houston which is a nice city, but lost half my possessions in the process, setting up a hard come back and tough lesson learned for me that I had to slowly recover from.

42 yrs. old

Most of my focus was now on working for the City of Detroit as a media specialist; part of the mayor's communications team.  I slowed down a lot on commercial art projects, set designs, interior designs, airbrushing and photography to focus on doing original art and also studying writing.


45 yrs. old

Nominated for EMMY Award in Michigan.  After 2012, I had the task of producing and directing the LIVE broadcast of the mayor of Detroit's State of the City Addresses (2012-2014).  I also purchased a home, and started a new company, HEIRS Creative Company which I plan to introduce FRESH concepts and products to make enough money to pass on to others.


46 yrs. old

I became Production Manager for the City of Detroit Channel's 10 & 22.  I wish to become more prolific in art by producing more original paintings and prints, as well as have scripts I've written produced or published in books.